+IBE B2C Professional

Description :
Online ticketinging & reservation by business to customer (B2C)

Product Proper :
Suitable for agents that need to be a full e-commerce business with an online reservation system.
Easy way to use fare promotions that are uploaded by Aisoft .

Feature :
  Search fare promotion and GDS fare System.
  Ability to have customised search box.
  Commission setting system.
  There are several themes and colours to integrate with agencies website.
  Standard promotion box.
  There are daily transaction reports.
  Fare promotion management system.

Function :
  Enables agents websites to search for available flights including available seats and lowest prices.
  Your customers can book flights, including seats available and lowest prices in realtime.
  After the booking process, the system will require passenger details before connecting to a choice of payment gateways.
  The system will comfirm bookings in realtime and transfer information via confirmation emails.
  The system will transfer booking information (PNR) to Amadeus Selling Platform which agents can then access to check or change.

Advantage :
  Access to Amadeus system in real time.
  System can search fare promotions and fares from airlines at the same time.
  It can be display lowest fares with available seat.
  Searches return with quick results.
  Customers can see reservations confirmed on the website after booking.
  Integration with several payment gateways including online or offline.

Benefit :
  The system can support and serve your customers 24 hours a day.
  Your website can be interactive with your customer in realtime.
  Gives more sales and marketing channels with an online global presence.
  It can be accessed where-ever there is an internet connection.
  Saves marketing costs compared to traditional offline agencies.
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